Woodco, Inc.   Basements and Foundations.  Residential and Commercial. Since 1989.
Basement Building Process
1. Start with the Estimate: Once the Estimate is accepted by the builder/homeowner Woodco will send out a one page "Agreement" that will need to be signed and returned to Woodco prior to beginning the project.

2.  Site Layout... A Woodco, Inc. representative will contact you and set up a time to meet at your site.  This will typically be done a week or more prior to beginning work.  At this time your basement position and elevation will be determined and specific questions will be asked.

3.  Excavation Begins!  A typical job is finished excavating in one day.  Removal of excessive stumps or hauling dirt, for example, may require more excavation time.  These issues should be brought to Woodco's attention before estimate work is complete.

4.  Footers and Walls are next....The footers are typically formed and poured the day following the excavation. Walls will follow anytime from the following day to a few days later.  The forming and pouring of walls is also typically completed in one day.  The larger and more difficult the job...the more time that is required.

5.  Waterproofing will be completed and gravel will begin to be placed over drains along with the filling of the garage areas and porches.

6.  Basement floors and garage floors will be completed after any under slab work is done. (Ei: plumbing, radiant heat, etc.)